About Us

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Whatever you ride, we aim to provide a quality repair & upgrade service at a reasonable price.

We have training and experience on a wide range of bicycles and are capable of carrying out a full range of service and upgrade procedures on your bike.

How We Do it

We come to you. We know it is not always easy to get your bike to the shop for repair. So we offer our service as a mobile facility that can come to you.

Where We Do it

We try to carry out repairs on site, by the roadside or even at your place of work. Though in some cases it might be required to take the bike back to our workshop for more complex or in-depth work

When We Do it

Velomedic is currently offering morning and evening collection and delivery of bikes that is convenient to you. This might be meeting you at the station to collect it from you and then getting it back to the station for you to ride home. It also might be a case of you having several bikes and it would be easier for us to do the work at your house or office.

Why Velomedic

The root of the word velo could be considered velocipede, which refers to any human powered vehicle. The most common modern example of which would be the bicycle. The French use the word velo to refer to bicycles generically.

The root of the word medic can be traced back to the Latin form medicus meaning doctor or physician. We thought it appropriate as we care for sick or injured bicycles. We DO NOTpractice on people or animals!